Your First Appointment

First, you will meet privately with the acupuncturist for a brief consultation (about 5-10 minutes). Next, you will go into our community room, sit in a recliner, and the acupuncturist will insert needles in specific points depending on what you are coming in for. You are then free to relax and take a nap for as long as you like, usually about 45-60 minutes. The acupuncturist will check on the community room every 5-10 minutes and will remove your needles when your treatment is over.

The community room is an open space, so here are a few suggestions for keeping it a comfortable space for everyone:

  • Please turn off your cell phone
  • Please leave your shoes and coat in the waiting area
  • Please whisper while in the community room
  • Feel free to bring in your own soft music or earplugs
  • When you enter the community room, go ahead and grab things you know will make you more comfortable such as a blanket or a pillow. Feel free to bring in your own. Then make yourself comfortable in one of our relaxing chairs.

For your first community acupuncture visit, please come 10-15 minutes early to fill out the appropriate forms. You can also print, fill out the packet, and bring it into your appointment.

Download the  New Patient Intake Packet.

What should I wear?

For your appointment, make sure to wear loose comfortable clothing. It is best if we can access your knees, feet, elbows and hands easily.

How often should I come for acupuncture?

The frequency with which one gets acupuncture depends on a person’s individual health concern and progress. However, acupuncture tends to have an accumulative effect, and it is helpful to get regular treatments often especially at the onset of a health concern. The following table may help you understand the length of treatment recommended for your individual concern:

Being TreatedFor: Example ofConditions Treatmentfrequency For how long:
Very Severe Discomfort Acute back sprain,Daily migraines Daily until change incondition For severaldays
SeriousDiscomfort Sprained ankle, acutedigestive distress Every other day untilchange in condition A week or two
ModerateDiscomfort Knee pain whilerunning, poor sleep Twice weekly untilchange in condition Over severalweeks
Working on aHealth milestone Trying to get pregnantovercoming allergies Twice weekly untilchange in condition Over severalweeks
Ongoing EpisodicCondition Occasional insomniaPMS Weekly + as-neededfor acute pain Over a fewmonths
Support forchronic issues Stress, work-relatedIssues, chronic illness Weekly Ongoing/as needed
General health Life! Weekly or bimonthly Ongoing/ as needed